Plan early, save money

Would you like photos of your commercial projects this year? 

We save valuable flight time by planning ahead and taking a number of sites when we are out flying. Contact us now to have your sites added to our list. If we can plan to get your photos when we are nearby another site, you’ll save a considerable amount.

We can give you a quote at any time. But before we fly, we will contact you to ensure the correct timing.

Looking for a lake?

We have more than 500 lake photographs in our inventory from Western Wisconsin, throughout Minnesota, into Northeastern South Dakota, and North Dakota.

This year we will be adding some new lakes, as well as updating older photos. Because of high flying costs, we’ll generally be operating on a request basis only.

 Here’s how to get a new or updated photo of your lake:

  1. See if we have your lake on file. View list >>
  2. Contact us to be added to our site list. 
  3. Suggest a local outlet where we might display and offer photos. We’ll make every attempt to get you some stunning photos. 



We can print from most anything including any of our photographs, and your own prize photos, too. Looking for something special? Consider a big canvas print.

Prices range from $35 for a 12”x 16” photographic print to $300 for a 40” x 27” canvas that is ready-to-hang on the wall. We can print bigger or smaller, 1 or 500. Contact us for a price.

What we offer

  • Prints
  • Canvas prints
  • Custom aerials
  • Digital images

Don't see something on the list? Let us know what you’re interested in. There is a good chance we can help.

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